Hamara is more than an operating system

Hamara is a vision of an open source system of exchange: of skills, knowledge and ideas. Technology as an empowering platform of democracy, collaboration and social responsibility.

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A new release for Hamara Linux – Swastik v3.0 and Sugam v3.0 is about to be shipped!

Contributors have pulled up their sleeves and are cruising to unveil it.

Open-source technology builds communities.

With access to the technology resources and knowledge-base, it is possible to create under the Hamara brand an opportunity space for access to plans and examples of real-world implementations of revolutionary power, information, and education resources.
By sharing knowledge and more importantly by creating an awareness of sharing ideas and innovation, the concept of Do it Yourself (DIY) can be applied to Electronics and Infrastructure to be made more available to the common man.

Hamara is free to download, share and use on any compatible device.


Whether you're a coder, designer or user, we'd love to have your contribution to the project.


Open Source

Free and open, with access to vast technology resources and a thriving knowledge base.


Developing and embracing new technologies to make Hamara more available to the common man.


Built on Open Source technology – safe, secure and fully supported by our development team.


Become part of the Hamara community and help to shape the direction of the operating system.

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Hamara is on Distrowatch now!

Namaste, beautiful reader! If you have landed on this blog post, you might have already checked out our website. Just in case you haven't, here is a brief description for you - "We at Hamara Linux are working toward making a Linux system that suits the needs of Indian...

First Point Release of Hamara Sugam

Namaste! Hamara Linux proudly presents their first point release after 12 days of the release of Hamara Sugam 2.0. This release is v2.1 of Hamara Sugam and covers some small additions to make your experience installing the system better as well as some critical bug...

Hamara Sugam 2.0 Releases!

Namaste reader! We gleefully present to you the most awaited lightweight, full-fledged, easy-to-use distro designed specially for Indians, Hamara Sugam. The distro is highly suitable for devices with low computing resources and uses MATE DE to provide you with...