Just came to know about https://libreplanet.org/wiki/Save_WiFi

What is being shared (overview) on the blog-post linked is that if the FCC directive were to be accepted, it would that there would be no more rooted Android phones, no more rooted anything, no OpenMIPS, no nothing, all the innovation that young kids and innovators are bringing in, in the form of startups would not happen and it will remain the playground of the heavies only, the Google’s, the Apple’s, the Microsoft’s and the network provider/service provider.

It is imperative that we stop them as our civil rights are being threatened.

But how can we (Indians and rest of the non-US world citizens) do that.

While by ourselves, we can’t do anything, what we could do however is that if we know anybody in the United States then we could pass on this message to them.

Many Americans are aware of their civil rights and do pressure their local Congressman (like our M.P.’s) and hence it’s possible that FCC backs out. But unless we make a hue and cry about it, they will not listen.

I hope, we can do our part. Feel free to cut, tweak, re-write, re-invent, re-anything but make sure that this gets across to Americans.

As of today, while most manufacturing is done in China or developing countries, the firmware IP is still the vanguard of American and European Interests.

Another thing to note, if the above happens, then you will surely have more restrictions on what you can put on your desktop and laptop, this would mean, no hamara, no *any* GNU/Linux distribution at all and of course no GNU/Linux kernel or any other free kernels etc.

Look forward to co-operation on the above.