Continuing from part 0, sharing what all we were able to share and observe during celebrating SFD 2015 at Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The technology part shared by Vikas was more of a call to arms as it is understood that we can no longer be just consumers of technology looking at the west and other places to fulfill our needs. The idea was/is that if we make this technology, not only do we save the much-needed foreign exchange, we also become conversant with the technology not just in the front-end but also at the back-end as the source-code is open. And just like Free and Open Source Software, we also need to work on Open Hardware front as well.

Another great need which was pointed out by Vikas is to have our digital infrastructure which is under our control while also providing the same services to the rest of the world.

These are both challenges and opportunities for all of us. After touching all these points when he felt that students had a gist of the different points he wanted to make and had touched upon, he gave the floor of Raju.


Vikas sharing with students vision of Hamara


Raju Vindane shared his experience and journey he has had till date. He started and shared his experience of how he came across open-source few years back. He shared how he was the only open-source promoter in his college and despaired. Finally, he met a friend Manish Kumar whom he was able to ‘convert’ to use open-source. Manish being an Akshay fan, wanted to make a distribution having the theming and whatever they could of Akshay Kumar. They wanted to call it ‘Khiladi Linux’. But as life or fate or whatever you believe in, Raju got an ATKT in his last year while his friend Manish went ahead and all the best laid plans went out of the window. So, as he had a year, he looked around and with a bit of help of yours truly connected with the Fizzible people. He found the work that Fizzible was doing as interesting and got into embedded stuff. Some time later, there was a mail from Hamara Linux asking if people were interested to come for a conference to Delhi. Chatting with Vikas on IRC for few days, he was convinced and went to Delhi and attended the conference and became an intern at Hamara.

The journey he meant to share many things, although one of the more important lessons that he wanted to bring out was that open-source pays and pays well.


Raju sharing his journey


And with that, we come to the conclusion of this part of the journey of Hamaralinux’s SFD 2015 celebration at Jubilee Hall, Chandigarh. Link of the last post in the Panjab Series. Till the next time, adieu 🙂