At Hamara Linux we’re pleased to have reached an alpha release of Hamara Sugam 2.0. The 2.0 release track represents our move from the distro being based on Ubuntu towards Debian – The Universal operating system.

We feel that basing on Debian aligns with our goal of promoting an exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas and we hope that new contributors to hamara linux will help us increase contributions to Debian.

As you may know , Hamara Sugam is the lighter version of Hamara Linux which essentially means it’s designed to run on low end hardware. This doesn’t mean sugam will lack any important features or applications.

Sugam utilizes the Mate Desktop Environment which is currently at version 1.16.2 along with Lightgdm (a lighter version of the graphical display manager) and will include other packages that adopt the lightweight approach. In this alpha release which is based on Debian Testing , we tweaked the Debian installer which now lists Indian Languages supported by installer.

Also, we included a few new wallpapers but they are not final as you may get completely new set of wallpapers in beta.

You can see the list of issues we worked on here in the alpha section:

You can download Hamara Sugam 2.0 Alpha (Namaste) release from

Also , take a look at screenshots of this alpha release here Thank you all for your contributions. Please help us to test this release and raise bugs.

We hope to come again quickly with a beta release 🙂