Hamara Linux proudly presents their first point release after 12 days of the release of Hamara Sugam 2.0. This release is v2.1 of Hamara Sugam and covers some small additions to make your experience installing the system better as well as some critical bug fixes.

Kernel upgrade to latest stable

During our last release, we used the kernel version 4.16 keeping sync with the Debian upstream. But since kernel v4.16 had reached its EOL, it was necessary to upgrade the version soon which is why the pretty quick point release. 😉
Hamara Sugam 2.1 comes with latest stable Linux kernel 4.17.10.

Fixed Calamares issues with installation on EFI system partitions

Very recently, we came across a bug report which covered an interesting bug. Calamares installer was unable to complete the procedure of installation on EFI system partitions and failed with errors at multiple stages. This has been fixed in this point release and now installation with UEFI is as smooth as any Legacy system. Go ahead and try it out! 😀

Better walkthrough of Hamara Project with installer

We have provided small additions and changes to the slideshow to give you a better overview of the Hamara Project.

Overview of changes since v2.0

  • Kernel upgraded to the latest stable 4.17.10
  • Installation with Calamares on EFI system partitions
  • Updated materia-gtk theme
  • More slides to Calamares covering features of the Operating System


Download the latest Hamara Sugam 2.1 here.

Report bugs

Report bugs if you come across any, here.

Get involved

Hamara is not just about an Operating System, its a lot about community too. Join our community at various channels provided here.

We hope you Hamara Sugam as much as we do! 😀