Namaste reader!

We gleefully present to you the most awaited lightweight, full-fledged, easy-to-use distro designed specially for Indians, Hamara Sugam. The distro is highly suitable for devices with low computing resources and uses MATE DE to provide you with customized themes that capture the essence of our culture and roots.

Check the detailed bug specifications and fixes in the release notes on our wiki.


Hamara Sugam is a feature-rich Operating System targeting the masses. We have tried to make user experience foolproof by providing the following features in this release.

Easy to use Calamares Installer

Considering the mind boggling setup with Debian installer for anyone new to the Operating System, we tried porting to Ubiquity which was later overtaken by Calamares. Calamares is the universal installer framework which is very customizable while being super easy and pragmatic. We have this beautiful installer integrated with Hamara Sugam keeping our promise of making the distro easy-to-use for everyone.

Power Up: Linux kernel

We have upgraded the kernel to keep in sync with Debian and we shall keep pushing the latest kernels via point updates.


We’re using Materia theme for GTK and Paper theme for icons in Sugam taking into account the assuasive design and experience.

Generic application names

To avoid any confusion for users which might be caused by using MATE DE due to their naming conventions, we have made most application names generic.

Release notes

Please look for the official Release notes with all the changes and bug fixes curated at one place here.


Take a look the screenshots of the Hamara Sugam Release here

Download Hamara Sugam 2.0 ISO

Get the latest Hamara Sugam 2.0 ISO here.

Report bugs/ Ask for help

Report bugs or improvements if you come across any here.

Get involved and contribute

One of the key points of Hamara which differentiates it from other Operating Systems is the support and contribution to and from the community. This is why you’ll be helping us the most by involving with the Hamara community and learning and contributing from there.

We are available at various channels, choose your favorite and say Hi! 😀