Hamara is more than an operating system

Hamara is a vision of an open source system of exchange: of skills, knowledge and ideas. Technology as an empowering platform of democracy, collaboration and social responsibility.

In the old days we exchanged skills, knowledge and ideas. We took pride in creating a better world through networks of relationships based upon service, expertise, and wisdom. We called it bartar.

With The Hamara Linux project we are building a community committed to adopting the open source approach in aspects of their daily life. This is not just about being open about software, this is about being open about electronics, open about knowledge, open about information. Hamara is a vision of a system of exchange: of skills, knowledge and ideas. We believe that Hamara vision will empower the world. Starting with the operating system we will develop a world class gnu/linux distribution.

But Hamara is more than an operating system. Hamara community works to achieve it’s goals by connecting us all: intertwining the needs of commercial organisations and individuals. Hamara project can develop to be anything that the community wants to create, share and distribute, all based on the principles of open source.

How? By combining revenue models that help commercial organisations contribute to hamara community with hamara passion, knowledge, and understanding.

This is democracy, commerce, and social responsibility: combined for the 21st Century and brought together by empowering technology. India has thousands of years of history depicting a knowledgable, peaceful, kind and sharing culture.