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Becoming part of hamara community allows you to shape the direction of the operating system. Put yourself in control of your system and come join us on our mission to free our machines.


Hamara Forum

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Answers to common questions can be found on the faq.

Thanks to T. Shrinivasan at the FSFTN for asking most of these.

Hamara Wiki

For more information related to Hamara installation and troubleshooting, you can visit Hamara Wiki.

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Hamara Users List

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IRC Channel

You can join in on IRC with a dedicated IRC client or web browser, pidgin is one of the IRC client which is included in Hamara Distributions. Join using following details:

Channel - #hamara

Server -

Hamara Source Code

Hamar source code is available here . You are welcome to clone it and start contributing to hamara community. You can join hamara IRC chanel or mailing list for any questions you might have about using the source.

Hamara Repo

Hamara live repo is hosted at and the devel repo can be found at