We're looking for developers, designers and 'doers' to contribute to the Hamara project


Hamara thrives on contributions from like-minded developers and contributors. Follow the links below, join our community or contact us if you’d like to get more involved.

Hamara Source Code

Hamara source code is available here. You are welcome to clone it and start contributing to hamara community. You can join the Hamara IRC channel or developers mailing list for any questions you might have about using the source.

Hamara Repo

The Hamara live repo is hosted at and the devel repo can be found at

Designers / content creators

Hamara is about more than just code. We’re always looking for new desktop wallpapers, icons sets, themes and awesome art for the Hamara project.

Join our community

Whether you’re a designer, photographer, animator, writer or just ken to get involved, there’s always something you can contribute to the project. Join our forum and user mailing lists, or get in touch with us and share your thoughts and talents.

See some of the work

We’re starting to build a library of desktop wallpapers, animations and graphics within the Hamara project. Take a look and let us know how you can help.