We do recieve lots of questions directly or via mailing lists, so here is an FAQ answering them in one place.

What is the need for a new distro?

Linux is still not mainstream even in the US and Europe. In India the majority of people have not heard of it.
The focus of hamara linux allows us to cater specifically for the needs of the Indian user and so in turn help increase linux adoption.

How frequent will the releases be?

We’ll have a 6 month rolling release.

What will be the Upstream Distro for Hamara Linux

Hamara Linux will Debian as the upstream with non-free packages.

How hamara is different from ubuntu?

It’s name, look and feel, language make is more accessible to an Indian user increasing the likelihood of that person using it. If you do not read English, it’s unlikely you will have found Ubuntu.

How the Usability, accessibility are better in hamara when it uses the same, stock GNOME 3 and MATE ?

Because the design and theming makes our target user base feel more at home and therefore more likely to adopt the operating system.

Are you adding any extra features to the GNOME 3 and MATE?

There are none planned, but we are in the very early stages of creating this distro and expect many suggestions from the user community that will most likey guide development.

Why can't you take the localization stuff for UI and Documentation from the mainstream?

We do where it exists. Where it does not, we will push these changes upstream to GNOME/MATE etc

Why should someone contribute to hamara when a company reaps the benefits?

The model of commercial and community works well. The company creates the commercial model that funds the needs of the community. It’s very difficult to maintain a project like hamara using the community alone. People need to earn money to survive and we do not expect everyone to contibute there time for free.

We have paid positions for experienced linux admins, freshers and internships.

Ubuntu seems available for ARM and Raspberry etc. How hamara differs here?

The local focus is paramount and with regard to arm, the hamara project will be making available the distribution along with access to low cost arm hardware via the hamara store. It’s not easy to get all of this in one place in the Indian market, we are aiming to change that.

How can anyone see what are the changes you are making to upstream code and applications you are adding, with the code?

All Source packages are available in the repo at archive.hamara.org

Our git repo is available at https://git.hamaralinux.org

What are the supported software in hamara? Do you support for a custom software someone write? or all packages in the debian/ubuntu repo?

We support all packages that are supplied with the hamara distribution.

Tell us about your company and the team behind it.

Tech Blue Software is the company behind Hamara Linux. We are 100+ strong working in software development and open source software / infrastructure support. We already provide support to companies using Linux in India and around the world.

what are the contribution activities anyone can do?

From documentation, translation to testing, packaging and developing. In particular improving support for low cost hardware will be very helpful.

If I contribute for ubuntu/fedora I get global recognition and ubuntu/fedora team membersip. What are the give backs for anyone for contributions?

Of course you get Hamara team membership, but we’re also offering employment oppourtunities in both hamara development and building out support networks.

Many people will also value domestic recognition and to help people in their local communities. We hope the hamara distribution will bring that.

Will your provide support If I plan to use Hamara Linux?

Yes, ofcourse. We have made a lots of resources available online on our wiki site where you can find help. If still you get stuck somewhere and need more support drop us an email on our mailing list or drop into our irc. We will be happy to assist you.

I want to use Hamara Linux for my business but am worried about the support.

We, at Hamara Linux, are fully commited to provide you the best support and solutions for you business and when it comes to support for Hamara Linux who can provide you better support than us. We have various commercial support contracts which takes care of your response times, SLA’s and guarantees. All you need to do is just fill a short form here